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ICYMI: Senator Maggie Hassan: We have rejected election deniers before and can again in 2024

In case you missed it, the Union Leader published an op-ed from U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan underscoring the critical nature of preserving American democracy in the face of rising challenges from election deniers. The op-ed comes at a time when the possibility of Donald Trump's presidential nomination looms large, bringing with it concerns about the future of democratic principles and the ability for democracy to deliver for Granite Staters and Americans.

In the op-ed, Senator Hassan reflects on her own re-election experience against Don Bolduc, a candidate who embraced Donald Trump’s most extreme politics, including election denialism. Her victory, widely seen as a rejection of extremism, is presented as a case study in defending democracy through electoral success.

Senator Hassan cautions against the dangers posed by election deniers like Bolduc and Trump, portraying them as threats not just to democratic principles but to the ability of Americans and Granite Staters to shape their own future.

Read key excerpts here:

  • A year ago this past week, I was re-elected to the United States Senate; I ran against Don Bolduc, a candidate who embraced Donald Trump’s brand of politics, including his election denialism. Bolduc was the most extreme nominee for Senate in modern New Hampshire history, supporting an abortion ban and calling to eliminate Social Security, for example.

  • When candidates like Don Bolduc or Donald Trump talk about overturning the results of free and fair elections, they are not simply threatening our most cherished principles; they are threatening the best means that the American people have toward building a better future. A candidate who denies the results of a free and fair election is signaling clearly that they have no interest in listening to their constituents about their priorities.

  • In the last election, Granite Staters knew exactly what was at stake. New Hampshire voters are very independent, and Granite Staters understand that we will not always agree on everything. But a majority of us also understand that our shared values as Granite Staters — and Americans — are more important than partisan differences. In the Live Free or Die State, a majority of voters sent a message last November: Our democracy is worth defending because it is the only — and best — way to build a better future. Protecting democracy is not a Red or Blue issue, and that is in part why our campaign won a majority of Independents and even many Republicans.

  • Election deniers, like autocrats, do not believe that they are accountable to the people. We have rejected election deniers before and can again in 2024.


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