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ICYMI: NH Republican Nominees for Congress Make The List of “Crazy” Candidates

In case you missed it, the Washington Post published a column highlighting the “crazy” candidates for Congress this year. Spoiler alert: both Republicans running for Congress in New Hampshire, Karoline Leavitt and Bob Burns, made the list.

Karoline, as well as her campaign companion Yesli Vega made the list for their anti-choice extremism:

  • “Karoline Leavitt, a nominee in New Hampshire, claims that ‘the alleged existential threat of climate change is a manufactured crisis by the Democrat Party.’ In Virginia, nominee Yesli Vega argued that it was less likely for a rape victim to become pregnant because ‘it’s not something that’s happening organically.’”

Bob Burns and his mandatory “death panels” idea from 2018, which would force women to see a panel of doctors to decide whether they would be allowed to get an abortion or be forced to die also made the extremist highlight reel:

  • “Robert Burns of New Hampshire said in 2018 that he would allow abortion only to protect the ‘life of the mother’ — but ‘we would need a panel in this sort of situation’ to decide whether the ailing woman can get the lifesaving procedure.”

That’s right — both Republican candidates for Congress in New Hampshire are among the most far-right and extreme in the whole country. In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“New Hampshire Republicans have chosen to run with the most far-right and extreme candidates imaginable. If elected, both of these MAGA crazies would vote to pass a national abortion ban, abolish key programs Granite Staters rely on, and who knows what other monstrosities.

In one month, Granite Staters have an easy choice to make — we can vote for some of the most extreme, out-of-touch candidates in the nation who will continue to embarrass our state on the national stage, or leaders with proven results, Congresswoman Annie Kuster and Congressman Chris Pappas.”


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