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ICYMI: New Hampshire Democrats are Investing Early in our Grassroots Organizing Program

In case you missed it, the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign, Organize NH, opened field offices in Nashua and Exeter last week. Earlier this month, the party opened the first campaign office of the cycle in Manchester.

During the openings, organizers and volunteers were joined by local candidates, as well as members of the federal delegation including Senator Hassan, Congresswoman Kuster, and Congressman Pappas.

These new offices are an integral piece of our robust organizing program, and are just the first of many across the state. We’re investing earlier than ever before in our organizing program, because we know that talking to voters directly is how we’re going to win big this November. We are continuing to build upon our momentum from our special election victories last year, and overwhelming victories across the state during last year’s municipal elections and Town Meeting Days this year.


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