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How did New Hampshire’s RNC Members Vote on the Cheney-Kinzinger Censure?

CONCORD, NH – In case you missed it, the Republican National Committee (RNC) censured Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for their roles on the January 6th Commission, which is investigating the attack on the Capitol that Trump and Republicans in Congress incited.

The censure resolution states that rioters in the January 6th attack were participating in "legitimate political discourse.” In reality, this was a deadly attack on our democracy where violent protestors attempted to overthrow our fair and free election. This event cost people their lives, and needs thorough investigation to stop it from ever happening again. The resolution calling the January 6 riots “legitimate political discourse” and censuring Republican Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger was voted on by voice vote, and Granite Staters deserve to know how Stephen Stepanek of Amherst, Chris Ager of Amherst, and Juliana Bergeron of Keene, New Hampshire’s RNC members voted.

“The fact we’re even talking about this is ludicrous, but that’s par for the course in today’s Republican Party. Let’s be clear – contrary to what Republicans loyal to Trump would like us to believe, the deadly riots on January 6th were not some quiet protest. They were an unprecedented attack on our U.S. Capitol, incited by Trump and his supporters, to overturn the 2020 election. How did New Hampshire’s RNC members vote on this resolution? Granite Staters deserve to know if their state’s Republican Party sides with rioters or democracy,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley.



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