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House Leader Hakeem Jeffries Touts Dems Strength Headlining NHDP's 2023 Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner

MANCHESTER, NH — The New Hampshire Democratic Party celebrated a triumphant, sold out 2023 Eleanor Roosevelt dinner headlined by Democratic Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives Hakeem Jeffriesand attended by over 500 guests . The dinner — one of New Hampshire's premier political events — honors prominent members of the Democratic Party from across the state. Leader Jeffires of New York’s 8th Congressional District delivered an inspiring keynote address offering a resounding celebration of Democratic achievements in the U.S. House of Representatives under the administration of President Joe Biden. "Roosevelt had the square deal, FDR had the new deal, Truman had the fair deal, but President Biden, Democrats, all of us, what we've accomplished in the last few years, is a big deal... It's a big deal. Because we run to win, we win to govern, but we govern to get big things done and make life better for everyday Americans, and under the leadership of Joe Biden, Democrats are just getting started." NHDP Chair Ray Buckley reflected on the incredible success of the evening. "Tonight’s sold out event was a resounding success, and we were delighted to host Congressman Jeffries for his first trip to the Granite State as Democratic Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives. His record of achievement in the House places him among the top leaders in our party today, and his vision for the future of the party continues to inspire us all. “I want to congratulate all of the award winners tonight, without whose work tonight would not have been possible. New Hampshire Democrats have a lot to celebrate, and we have an incredible amount of momentum behind us after all of our wins in 2023. We look forward to pushing our success to the next level in 2024.” Several exceptional party leaders were presented with awards at the dinner for their work on behalf of Democrats across the state: The 2023 The Eleanor Roosevelt Award was presented to Joanne Dowdell for her outstanding efforts in fighting for social and economic justice. The 2023 The Franklin D. Roosevelt Award was presented to Senator Dr. Tom Sherman for his outstanding efforts in fighting for social and economic justice. The 2023 The Emerging Leader Award was Presented to Representative Ben Ming for being a catalyst for generational change and inspiring us all to build a better tomorrow through our actions today. The 2023 The Kathy Sullivan Courage and Leadership Awards were presented to House Democratic Leader Matt Wilhelm and Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy for their strength and resilience in the face of adversity, displaying true courage and leadership. The 2023 NHDP Hero Award was presented to several New Hampshire Leaders:

  • Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington

  • Deputy Senate Democratic Leader Cindy Rosenwald

  • Deputy House Democratic Leader Alexis Simpson

  • Senator Melanie Levesque

The 2023 The NHDP Leadership Award was presented to several New Hampshire Leaders:

  • Mayor Joyce Craig

  • Mayor Jim Bouley

  • Mayor Dana Hilliard

  • Mayor Paul Grenier


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