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GOP in Chaos: NH-01 Needs an “Adult in the Room”

Concord, N.H. - WMUR’s John Distaso reported that Gail Huff Brown, former Boston TV personality and prominent booster of husband Scott Brown’s failed carpetbagging Senate campaign, is being courted by Republicans to run against two former Trump staffers: failed 2020 candidate Matt Mowers and extreme right winger Karoline Leavitt in the NH-01 Republican primary.

“The NH GOP first district primary is like a clown car that just keeps getting bigger. Republicans are clearly scared because they have no faith in the two incompetent Trump wannabes running in the first district primary, so they’re turning to yet another out-of-stater,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “The NH GOP primary in the first district is already extremely childish and Huff Brown’s presence in this race won’t do anything to prevent Mowers and Leavitt from continuing their race to the bottom. It’s clear that this will continue to be a race to see who will win Trump’s approval. While these fringe candidates duke it out, Congressman Pappas will continue to deliver for Granite Staters.”



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