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FILING FUMBLES: Bruce Fenton Says He’s “Willing to Spend Millions of His Own Dollars to Win” 💰🤑

At his filing yesterday, cryptocurrency “icon” and millionaire GOP Senate candidate Bruce Fenton doubled down on his pledge to spend “millions of his own dollars” to win the primary, which will help drive the Republican Senate primary into further chaos. Fenton is a complete wild card in this race, and his millions are a major disruptive force in New Hampshire’s muddled field of C-list Senate candidates. Fenton had previously committed to putting $5 million, into the race and yesterday doubled down on spending millions of his own money.

Given that all of Fenton’s opponents have so far brought in lackluster fundraising dollars — including Chuck Morse, Kevin Smith, and Don Bolduc — the fact that Fenton is continuing to say that “I’m going to play that [spending] game because I want to win” means that he will continue to be a very disruptive force from now until September 13.

Watch Fenton’s interview on WMUR here.


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