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Failure to Launch: “B-Tier” Candidates Kevin Smith and Chuck Morse Botch Their Campaign Rollouts

Republican Senate candidates are 0-2 on successful campaign launches this week.

Londonderry town manager Kevin Smith today launched his campaign website — which directly plagiarized Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s website. Smith’s “new site” even included language touting Texas’ draconian abortion ban. That wasn’t the campaign’s only “technical difficulty.” An hour later, Smith tweeted out his campaign launch event — with a link that didn’t even work. Even worse, Smith’s homepage features a picture of a traffic jam — not a great look when you are running against a Senator who negotiated the bipartisan infrastructure deal.

The amateur hour mistakes were just the latest sign that Kevin Smith, who hasn’t held elected office since the 1990s, isn’t ready for prime time.

But Smith wasn’t the only Republican to botch a rollout this week. Just as cringey was Chuck Morse’s campaign launch on Sunday. In an eyebrow-raising interview with WMUR, Morse declined to lay out why he’s running or any policy agenda when asked. Morse followed up that launch with the announcement that he had brought on a lobbyist with ties to the Chinese Communist Party as his campaign finance chair. Swampy!


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