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Fact Check: Dan Feltes’ Bold Plan to Clean Up Government Exposes Sununu’s Corrupt Corner Office

Concord, NH - At today’s debate, Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes touted his bold plan to clean up Concord, which exposes Sununu’s corrupt corner office.

“Unlike Sununu, Feltes is determined to make Concord work for Granite Staters, not for special interests. That’s why he led the fight to pass strong anti-corruption bills in the State Senate. This year, he’s doubled down on this commitment by refusing all campaign donations from corporate PACs and proposing a strong plan to clean up state government,” said Jeff Taylor, New Hampshire State Director for End Citizens United. 


  • Senator Feltes’ bold anti-corruption plan would ban no-bid contracts. According to InDepth, “State Sen. Dan Feltes said he would end no-bid contracts in state government if elected governor. The Democratic nominee for governor said Gov. Chris Sununu has approved such contracts without competitive bids, benefitting his friends and political contributors.” [InDepthNH, 9/29/20]

  • Senator Feltes’ bold anti-corruption plan would require officials to release public schedules, set stricter rules for lobbyists, require governors to release their tax returns, and increase transparency on campaign donations of $1,000. According to WMUR, “Feltes would prohibit no-bid state contracts, require officials to release public schedules, establish a ‘multi-year cooling-off period’ before former lawmakers can become lobbyists and update legislative and executive branch ethics disclosure forms to include stocks and other investments [...] Feltes also would require governors to release their tax returns. He would require all political groups to disclose donors and require campaigns and outside groups to disclose donations of $1,000 or more within 24 hours.” [WMUR, 6/4/20]


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