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Fact Check: Chris Sununu Supports Donald Trump - No Matter What

Concord, NH - At today’s debate, Chris Sununu tried to hide the fact that he supports Trump - no matter what. 

“Chris Sununu, a self-described ‘Trump guy through and through,’ will stand by Donald Trump no matter how low, how disgraceful, how racist, how sexist, or how disgusting his views, his politics, and his policies go,” said Michael Beyer, spokesperson for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. 

  • Chris Sununu called himself a “Trump guy through and through.” On the Howie Carr Show, Chris Sununu said, "Hey Bill, you know, I love you brother but I'm a Trump guy through and through. And he's going to crush you." [Howie Carr Show, 5/13/19]

  • Chris Sununu stood by Trump even though Trump refused to condemn white supremacists. According to WMUR, “Sununu was then asked by Sexton if he still supports Trump’s reelection, and the governor responded, ‘Yes.’” [WMUR, 10/1/20]

  • Chris Sununu stood by Trump after he bragged about sexually assaulting women. According to WMUR, Sununu “continued to support then-candidate Donald Trump after Trump’s controversial comments on the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape and after 13 women accused Trump of sexual harassment.” [WMUR, 12/7/17]

  • Chris Sununu stood by Trump even after he called New Hampshire a “drug infested den.” In an interview with WMUR, Sununu said he was “still a solid supporter of this administration.” [YouTube, 8/5/17]



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