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Don't Mass Up Kelly Ayotte: GOP Candidate for Governor Bankrolled by the Bay State

Instead of focusing on the issues impacting the Granite State, Republican candidate for governor Kelly Ayotte has focused her campaign on Massachusetts, making the slogan “Don’t Mass Up NH” her rallying cry. But according to a recent article in The Union Leader, Ayotte’s campaign is being bankrolled by the Bay State.

Despite trashing the state relentlessly in public, behind closed doors Ayotte has cozied up to and heavily relied on big-dollar donors from Massachusetts, having raised over half a million from donors with Massachusetts addresses – more than any other candidate in New Hampshire’s race for governor. 

Polling also shows that Ayotte’s anti-Massachusetts message is not resonating with New Hampshire voters.

Ayotte’s ties to Massachusetts are just the latest issue that she has tried to mislead voters on – she has also repeatedly attempted to distract Granite Staters from her extensive record of pushing to restrict women’s reproductive rights.

“It should surprise no one that Kelly Ayotte is being dishonest with Granite Staters – using Massachusetts as a punching bag publicly while simultaneously raking in checks from her millionaire friends and businesses across the Bay State,” said NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley. “While Ayotte continues to focus on what’s going on across state lines, voters want their next governor to improve housing affordability, deliver quality education to Granite State students, and protect their fundamental freedoms. Ayotte’s bizarre obsession with Massachusetts is the latest sign she’s not focused on the issues that matter to Granite Staters.”


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