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Don Bolduc Accepts Endorsement From Election Denier Matt Gaetz

U.S. Senate candidate Don Bolduc was endorsed by one of Donald Trump’s top supporters, Congressman Matt Gaetz, today as he continues to gain the support of infamous Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists, and far-right extremists.

In a tweet, Gaetz said that Bolduc “is a Patriot and a champion for the wonderful people of New Hampshire. LIVE FREE OR DIE - and send Don to the US Senate to keep fighting for us all!” Gaetz is infamous for saying “we’re proud of the work we did” during the January 6 insurrection on the United States Capitol and pushing Donald Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 election.

“Like Matt Gaetz, Don Bolduc pushes dangerous conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and he continues to put his loyalty to Donald Trump over our democracy,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “By accepting an endorsement from disgraced Congressman Matt Gaetz, Bolduc is making it clear that he is an extreme, far-right candidate who is deeply out of touch with Granite Staters.”

Last week, Bolduc was also endorsed by former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, who was indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of contempt of Congress after he refused to provide information to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.


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