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Corky’s Confab Chaos: GOP Effort to Anoint a GOP Senate Candidate Marred by No-Shows

Colorado Corky’s effort to anoint a Republican Senate nominee this afternoon is an unmitigated disaster. Two of the most talked about potential candidates for Senate refused to even show. Don Bolduc wasn’t invited. And the pols who did make it included disgraced politician Frank Guinta, who refused to say whether Joe Biden is the legitimate president while walking in.

“This was one of the worst acts of political malpractice I have ever seen and a massive embarrassment for New Hampshire Republicans,” NHDP Chair Ray Buckley said. “It’s amateur hour at the New Hampshire Republican Party and in case anyone has any doubts, the GOP Senate primary is going to be a ten-month trainwreck.”

The Corky Confab has been called “disastrous for the New Hampshire GOP” because “it just stinks of like, backroom deals and anti-democratic.” It was also likened to “Pirates of the Caribbean” by NH Today’s Chris Ryan because “each pirate always votes for himself, so there's never been a pirate leader.” The meeting was also called “awkward” and full of “egos” by Dante Scala, a professor of political science at the University of New Hampshire and NH Today’s Justin McIsaac.


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