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Chuck Morse Refuses to Say How He Would Vote on Bipartisan Competition and Innovation Bill

Chuck Morse really doesn’t want to say how he would have voted on the bipartisan Competition and Innovation bill that passed in the US House and Senate last week.

In the days since Republicans and Democrats passed the bill, which will protect our national security, lower costs, and help our country outcompete China and the world, Morse’s top primary opponents KevinSmith and Don Bolduc said they both opposed the legislation and would have voted against it if they were in the US Senate.

But Morse has refused to take a position on the bill and doesn’t appear to be ready to answer tough questions any time soon. Just this morning it was announced that Morse declined an invitation to appear at a forum for the Republican Senate candidates on August 14. Smith, Bolduc, and Bruce Fenton (who made a point to singleout Morse during the last debate) will attend.

With six weeks left until the September primary, will Morse ever say how he would vote on this critical, bipartisan legislation that will boost New Hampshire businesses? Or will he keep refusing to tell the people of New Hampshire where he stands on major legislation?


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