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Chuck Morse Hosts Disastrous Press Conference Where He Calls For Tax Breaks for Wealthy Corporations

Presser Was Marred by Protests from Anti-Vaxxers Who Support Don Bolduc and Cringe-Worthy Technical Difficulties

This morning, Chuck Morse held a disastrous press conference where he unveiled his new proposal to cut taxes for corporations… one week after he blocked a gas tax holiday for Granite Staters. Morse unveiled his new tax plan that includes cutting taxes for corporate special interests and making Donald Trump’s tax giveaways permanent. The Trump tax giveaways gave tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, gave $1.6 trillion to huge corporations including $76 billion for Big Pharma and $25 billion for Big Oil, and increased the national debt while threatening the future of Social Security and Medicare. However, the entire press conference was protested by anti-vaxxers and marred by cringey technical difficulties. Morse could barely get a word out to explain why he wanted to cut taxes for corporations while he was hounded by the protestors who shouted, “General Bolduc is the only option for Senate.” The press conference wrapped up after Morse and his campaign staffer couldn’t get his chainsaw prop to work. While Morse tried to discuss his plans to cut taxes for corporate special interests, he had nothing to say about how he and his Republican allies in Concord blocked a state gas tax holiday last week — ensuring that “the pain at the pump will continue” for Granite Staters.

(Video of press conference from Andrew Sylvia, Manchester Ink Link.)


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