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Chuck Morse Goes Full McConnell in First Campaign Move, Hiring Corporate Special Interest Lobbyist

Just days into his underwhelming campaign for US Senate, Chuck Morse is taking a page out of Mitch McConnell’s playbook by bringing on corporate special interest lobbyist Jim Merrill — a registered lobbyist for, among others, a Chinese-owned client with close links to the Chinese government —to play a central role in his campaign for US Senate.

Merrill’s clients include corporations and other organizations with business before the State Legislature. Those clients include: Terrafugia, a Chinese company whose CEO is a Xi Jinping ally who served on a Chinese Communist Party committee; Prenda, a for-profit homeschool company that received millions of dollars in federal funds meant to help Granite State public schools reopen and was under investigation by Arizona’s Attorney General for potential abuse of public funds. In total, Merrill has 16 lobbying clients with business before the New Hampshire state legislature, which raises serious conflicts of interest for State Senate President Morse.

“There’s nothing more Mitch McConnell than bringing on a lobbyist for the Chinese Communist Party as your first campaign move. By hiring Jim Merrill, Chuck Morse has made clear that he is more interested in being a well-fed alligator in Mitch McConnell’s DC swamp than delivering for the people of New Hampshire in the Senate,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley.


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