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Chuck Morse Goes After Kelly Ayotte for Not Having “Backbone” on Immigration

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley: “The Gloves Are Off in the GOP Primary for Governor”

The New Hampshire Republican primary for Governor is getting messier. 

Chuck Morse launched a scathing attack on Kelly Ayotte’s immigration record yesterday, saying, “New Hampshire’s next Governor must have the backbone to stand up for our state. My opponents support sanctuary cities and amnesty for illegal immigrants.” 

Morse also went after Ayotte’s immigration record on WFEA radio, saying, “I didn't go to Washington as a conservative and come out the third most liberal Senator on the Republican side. So, if we want to have that debate, let’s have it."

For weeks, Morse has posted cryptic tweets about how he’s “the sole candidate to stand strong on the issue of immigration.” He even said, “Anyone who’s voted for amnesty for illegal immigrants or advocating for sanctuary cities cannot be trusted to safeguard our state,” which is in direct reference to Ayotte’s record.

As New Hampshire’s attorney general in 2006, Ayotte chose not to appeal a judge’s ruling that overturned the arrests of 10 undocumented immigrants and directed police to make no more arrests for criminal trespass “based solely on the defendants” immigration status. Ayotte’s 2010 primary opponent Bill Binney wasted no time slamming Ayotte’s decision, using it as an example to show how she was “soft on immigration.” When Ayotte flipped her position on immigration in 2013 and supported comprehensive immigration reform, she again once angered her conservative base for not being extreme enough on immigration.

“Everyone in New Hampshire politics should get the popcorn ready because the gloves are off in the GOP primary for governor,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Chuck Morse and Kelly Ayotte will spend the next five months trying to prove which candidate will be the most extreme rubber stamp for backward immigration policies that are popular with special interests and deeply out of touch with Granite Staters.”


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