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CBS Host “Smacks Down” Chris Sununu For Refusing to Implement Common Sense Safety Measures

In Case You Missed It, Chris Sununu joined CBS host Margaret Brennan on Sunday and was smacked down after he compared wearing face masks to being put in a "penalty box.” While Sununu refuses to implement common-sense safety measures as New Hampshire has the most COVID cases per capita than any other state in the country, he is also suing the Biden Administration over vaccination requirements as New Hampshire’s vaccination rate ranks last in New England.

Key Excerpts:

  • New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) met resistance from CBS host Margaret Brennan on Sunday after he compared wearing face masks to being put in a "penalty box."

  • The governor explained that he would need to declare a state of emergency to order a mask mandate.

  • "What you're really telling folks is thank you for making the sacrifice and getting the vaccine, getting the boosters, doing the right thing and you're still in the penalty box!" Sununu said.

  • "Penalty box!" Brennan exclaimed. "No! It's not a penalty box. I mean, for people with unvaccinated family members, small children, immunocompromised, it's just putting on a mask."

  • Despite his calls for people to be vaccinated, Sununu's state is currently suing the Biden administration over vaccine mandate rules.


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