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AWKWARD: After NHDP Exposes Sununu-Scott Event, Sununu Scrambles to Try to Hide his Association

Hours after the NHDP exposed Chris Sununu’s plan to attend a campaign event in Manchester next month with Mitch McConnell’s top ally and campaign chief, Senator Rick Scott, Sununu’s team is scrambling to hide his association with McConnell by claiming that Sununu is not yet confirmed to attend the event with Scott. Talk about awkward. The half-cancellation raises more questions than it answers. Why did Sununu’s communications director wait nearly a day to correct NH Journal’s original report that Sununu would join Rick Scott? And will Sununu still show up? This incident comes days after Scott gushed about Sununu on a conservative podcast, where he repeatedly told host Jeff Holmes that Chris Sununu is a “good guy” and a “really good guy.” “After we called him out, Chris Sununu’s team is scrambling to hide their association with Mitch McConnell’s top lieutenant,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Sununu’s association with McConnell is toxic, and if he thinks half-canceling one event is going to let him off the hook, he has something else coming.”



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