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At NH Town Hall, Haley REFUSED to Say the Civil War Was Fought Over Slavery

CONCORD, NH — Last night in New Hampshire, Nikki Haley outright refused to even mention slavery at all when asked about the Civil War. When pushed on her answer by a Granite Stater, Haley said: “What do you want me to say about slavery? Next question”

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“This is the live free or die state  — any MAGA extremist like Nikki Haley who can’t speak the truth about the history of slavery and freedom in America is unfit to be commander in chief. Period. Haley’s refusal to admit that the Civil War was rooted in slavery last night in Berlin is just the latest of her shameful attempts to whitewash our country’s history. From defending the Confederate flag and leaders to equating Black History Month with Confederate History Month, Haley’s record bowing to the extreme fringes of the MAGA base speaks volumes and is yet another reason why New Hampshire voters will reject her next year.”

Here’s a reminder of Nikki Haley’s record:

  • Haley has a history of defending the Confederacy, even saying the Confederate flag is “not something that is racist.” As South Carolina governor, she held a meeting with a Confederate group and encouraged a Confederate History Month, comparing it to Black History Month.

  • Haley has said in the past that the Civil War was simply fought on the basis of “tradition versus change,” claiming that nobody did anything “out of hate.”

  • Haley initially REFUSED to take down the Confederate flag — and said it wasn't a “priority” — and has defended the right to secession.


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