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Anti-Abortion Extremist Glenn Youngkin to Hold Fundraiser for Kelly Ayotte

** Fundraiser comes just after Youngkin vetoed a bill to protect access to contraception in Virginia in the name of “religious freedom” **

Fox News reports that Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, an anti-abortion extremist, is hosting a fundraiser for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Kelly Ayotte. The McClean, VA based event will charge attendees up to $10,000.

Just last week, Youngkin vetoed a bill that would protect access to contraception in Virginia in the name of “religious freedom.” In 2023, Gov. Youngkin and Virginia Republicans suffered major losses in legislative races after they tried to pass a dangerous 15-week abortion ban that was deeply unpopular with Virginians. 

Just like Youngkin, Ayotte has a similarly extreme, anti-choice record. As U.S. Senator, Ayotte “co-sponsored legislation in 2011 to deny coverage for…procedures if the ‘sponsor, issuer or other entity of the plan’ had contrary religious beliefs,” according to the Union Leader. She also voted for the Blunt amendment, which would have allowed insurers and employers to deny coverage for things such as birth control, abortion, and IVF treatment, for religious reasons. In the U.S. Senate, Ayotte supported the overturning of Roe v. Wade, called for a national abortion ban, and voted against Planned Parenthood funding. Ayotte went on to serve as the “sherpa” for Neil Gorsuch’s Senate confirmation, leading the way for the overturning of Roe. Ayotte supports New Hampshire’s current ban on abortion, the only such one in New England, and has said she would not reverse it if she becomes governor. 

“Glenn Youngkin and Kelly Ayotte are one and the same. They’re both dangerously anti-choice, determined to take away women’s reproductive freedoms, and support extreme abortion bans that threaten women’s health and safety,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Youngkin’s Republican Party ran on these extremist views last year – and voters responded by completely flipping the Virginia legislature. Come November, voters will reject Ayotte and the NH GOP, and elect Democrats up and down the ticket who will expand and protect reproductive health care for all Granite Staters.”


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