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American Independent: Kevin Smith “skipped 61% of votes in a single year as state lawmaker”

In case you missed it, a new investigation from the American Independent revealed that Kevin Smith missed 61 percent of floor votes while serving as a New Hampshire State Representative.

American Independent:GOP Senate candidate skipped 61% of votes in a single year as state lawmaker

A New Hampshire Republican is accusing the Democratic incumbent he hopes to challenge in November of being an absentee U.S. senator. To judge by their respective attendance records in the U.S. Senate and the New Hampshire House of Representatives, though, Sen. Maggie Hassan's is stellar, while Kevin Smith's own as a state legislator apparently was not.


According to a new analysis by the progressive research group American Bridge 21st Century, Smith's attendance record as a legislator was not nearly as good. Their review of the New Hampshire House journal from the last year of his two-year term found that he missed 61% of floor votes in 1998.

Among those Smith skipped were votes on legislation concerning consumer protections, medical cannabis, air pollution, nursing home reimbursement, and education funding.

The Smith campaign did not immediately respond to an inquiry for this story.

Read the entire article at the American Independent.

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