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New Hampshire Democratic Party Launches Quiz That Exposes Sununu As Donald Trump’s Top Sycophant

Who Said It: Donald Trump or Chris Sununu?

Concord - Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party released a quiz that demonstrates that Chris Sununu and Donald Trump are virtually indistinguishable when it comes to working to help themselves and their special interests at the expense of the voters they’re supposed to represent. You can take the short quiz here. The quiz asks Granite Staters to correctly identify which Trump loyalist - Chris Sununu or Donald Trump - made a particular debunked out-of-touch assertion about voting rights, the minimum wage, and other issues. “Honestly, this quiz is very difficult, because there’s basically no telling apart the out of touch special interest agendas of Chris Sununu and Donald Trump,” said Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Chris Sununu has declared that he’s a “Trump guy through and through” and was crowned “a man like President Trump” by Mike Pence. SPOILER ALERT (read this quote only after taking the quiz): “It’s impossible to tell the difference between Sununu and Trump – both believe in denying Granite Staters a livable wage, have repeated debunked voter fraud claims, want to away health care from thousands of Granite Staters, and are trying to make it harder for working families to take time off from work to care for a newborn baby or dying loved one,” said Buckley. “Sununu and Trump are one in the same when it comes to working for special interests, corporations, and themselves - while leaving Granite Staters behind.” You can test your knowledge of Chris Sununu and Donald Trump by taking the quiz here.


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