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STATEMENT: New Hampshire Democratic Party Responds to Sununu's Poll Tax

Concord, N.H. – Today, New Hampshire Democratic Party Spokesperson Holly Shulman released the following statement on Sununu's poll tax and his vetoes of legislation that restore voting rights: “Chris Sununu just reaffirmed that he wants to institute a poll tax for certain Granite Staters he doesn't agree with politically. "Most Republicans who are attempting to strip Americans of their right to vote try to be coy about it. But not Chris Sununu. Sununu laid bare his motives when he bragged to a conservative radio host that if he was able to take away young people's right to vote, Trump would 'win by a landslide. Yeah, it's not even close.' "This is just the latest example of Chris Sununu selling out Granite Staters to help himself, his party, and Donald Trump."


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