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5 Things We Know and 5 Things We Don't About Sununu's Visit to Dubai

Concord, N.H. - On Tuesday, Governor Sununu abruptly announced that he would be traveling to Dubai the following day on a trip paid for by a group founded and run by the Crown Prince of Dubai. Since announcing his trip, Sununu's office has refused to provide Granite Staters with any substantive details on his travel or schedule during his five days abroad. In response to Sununu's lack of transparency, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement outlining 5 things we know, and 5 things we don’t about Sununu’s trip to Dubai:

1. We know it was paid for by a man accused of being active in child slavery. We don't know what Sununu discussed with him. Sununu said he’s traveling to Dubai at the invitation of the Word Affairs Summit and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, who was previously accused of abducting and trafficking children around the world. The case was only dismissed because the victims were not residents of the United States and thus didn’t have standing in the U.S. court system. “How does Sununu justify going on a trip at the expense of a man facing alarming accusations over potential child trafficking? And when Sununu spent time with his benefactor, the Crown Prince, what exactly did they discuss?”

2. We know Sununu was in Dubai for five days. We don't know what he did other than attend two three-hour events. “The Governor’s office has concealed almost all details of Sununu’s five day trip and has refused to tell Granite Staters what else he did there. With his budget address just days away, why did Sununu think this trip was more important than preparing the state budget? And why doesn’t he believe Granite Staters have a right to know the details?”

3. We know Sununu traveled to Dubai without any staff from the Department of Business and Economic Affairs or even policy staff from the Governor’s office, as previous Governors have in the past. We don't know the purpose of this trip - but it clearly wasn’t economic development. “Sununu went to Dubai without any staff or state officials. There’s been no explanation why Sununu refused to at the very least allow Troopers to join him on this trip. State Troopers travel everywhere with the Governor for security reasons. Why did Sununu flagrantly breach protocol to travel by himself? And if this trip wasn't for economic development, is Sununu personally getting something else out of this trip that he doesn't want Granite Staters to know about?” 4. We know this trip is sponsored by a foreign government. But beyond travel expenses, we don't know what other gifts and perks Sununu received while there. “Sununu told Granite Staters the Crown Prince of Dubai, through the World Affairs Summit, is funding his trip. What other perks and gifts did he receive while there? Without any details of his agenda and with no staff with him, we have no way of knowing how much Sununu or his family might be personally benefiting from the trip.” 5. We know Sununu has tried to downplay this trip to Dubai as much as possible. We don't know why he is being so secretive unless there’s something to hide. “We sincerely look forward to Governor Sununu answering all of these questions soon.”


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