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Molly Kelly clear winner in NHPR debate; Sununu condescends to Kelly, moderators, and crowd

Concord, NH - In a debate on NHPR today, Governor Sununu incessantly interrupted Molly Kelly as he denied ever denying the science of climate change and lied about his commitment to policies like paid family medical leave and giving the wealthiest corporations in the state more tax cuts.

Sununu also dodged questions on important issues, refusing to offer an explanation for his fundraising trip to Aspen during a special legislative session that he called and pretending to have no influence over whether his anti-public school voucher bill will be reintroduced next year, despite his past insistence that he will pursue it again.

Sununu tried to conceal the reality that his vetoes of energy bills SB 365 and SB 446, which put New Hampshire’s renewable energy future and thousands of jobs at risk, were political gifts to Eversource, which has donated over $50,000 to Sununu and opposed both bills.

Statement from NHDP Chair Ray Buckley:

“Governor Sununu’s attitude and condescending behavior was an absolute disgrace and was unbecoming of a New Hampshire Governor. His obvious attempts to obscure his failed record in the Corner Office are falling flat in the final weeks of this election. Nothing can disguise the harsh reality that most of Sununu’s major legislative priorities failed with a legislature controlled by his own party. And in a poor attempt to obscure the simple fact that Sununu is bad at his job, he spent the entire debate making up excuses, interrupting Molly Kelly, and rolling his eyes.

"His grandstanding about fiscal management is particularly hypocritical given that his biggest legislative priority, a massive school voucher plan, would blow a hole in the budget and raise property taxes to the tune of $265 million. New Hampshire voters are tired of having a Governor so unwilling to put in the work that he just follows along with whatever his high dollar corporate donors tell him - they’re looking for a change, which is why they’ll elect Molly Kelly on November 6th.”


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