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Eddie Edwards: We have to “wean people off of Social Security”

Pappas Wins NHPR Debate While Edwards Threatens to Take Social Security Away from New Hampshire Seniors and Future Generations

Concord, NH - In one of the more bizarre moments of the campaign, Eddie Edwards said in a First Congressional District debate hosted by NHPR we have to start “weaning people off of Social Security.” Not only does this misrepresent the earned benefit that seniors pay into their entire lives, but it would also leave seniors with no safety net upon retirement. Host of NHPR’s ‘The Exchange’ Laura Knoy was notably taken aback by Edwards answer.

Please see the following statement from NHDP Chair Ray Buckley:

“Our seniors rely on Social Security, and it has lifted millions of seniors out of poverty. The notion that he wants to ‘wean people off’ this earned benefit is absurd. Seniors pay into this program their whole lives, and Edwards wants to take away what is essentially their life savings. He will have a very hard time explaining that position to New Hampshire seniors as he makes his way around the district. Between threatening to take Social Security away from our seniors, his absolutist approach to reproductive rights even when it comes to survivors of rape and incest, and his definitive climate denial, Edwards has made his agenda clear. Chris Pappas won today’s debate because he made it clear that he will fight on behalf of Granite Staters by putting people over politics and working across the aisle to achieve progress. That’s what we deserve in our next member of Congress District 1 Representative.”


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