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Sununu's ineffective leadership sinks Wayfair bill

Concord, N.H. - Today, Governor Sununu's special legislative session proved useless after the State House stripped his bill designed to mitigate the fallout from the recent Wayfair v. South Dakota Supreme Court decision, and the Senate voted to kill the legislation. This is just one of many instances where Sununu has failed to implement his legislative agenda, despite having Republican majorities in the State House and State Senate. In the past year, his school voucher bill SB 193 was rejected by the House three separate times, the bipartisan Marsy's Law amendment failed, his Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative was cut in half, as was the first-time home owners tax credit. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Is there no instance where Governor Chris Sununu won't prove to be a complete failure as governor? The Wayfair bill was a bipartisan effort designed to help New Hampshire small businesses. With any competent leader, it should have passed easily. But not with Sununu who is so bad at his job that he couldn't even get his own party to follow along with his agenda at the special legislative session he called specifically for this purpose. From the start, Sununu set out to use this session as a political stunt, but he was so ineffective that he couldn't even pull it off. This is just another reminder why voters are eager to kick this craven politician out of office in November."


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