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Sununu betrays his word & eligible NH voters in biggest flip flop yet

Concord, N.H. - Today, Governor Sununu said he would find it "hard not to sign" HB 1264, a bill that would restrict voting rights for eligible Granite Staters by imposing a modern day poll tax. This comes after Sununu vocally opposed the bill back in December, saying "I hate it," "it would never hold up in a court" and "I will never support anything that suppresses the student vote. End of story." Ever since, the governor has been inching toward signing it, claiming to oppose the bill "in its current form" while making arguments in favor of it in the halls of the State House. Also today, Sununu requested an advisory opinion from the state Supreme Court on the bill as a delay tactic six months after questioning its constitutionality. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Chris Sununu's word means nothing. Not six months after he said he 'hated' the restrictive voting bill that would create a modern day poll tax, he said 'it would be hard not to sign.' It's hard to believe Sununu is foolish enough to think he has to sign every bill that is deemed constitutional, regardless of how he feels about the legislation. Instead, this is the behavior of a typical politician who would rather please his base than keep his word. Sununu has been squirming out of his promise for months with silly caveats he thought Granite Staters would be dumb enough to believe. But New Hampshire is not buying it. Sununu has tried to pass the buck to anybody who will take it. In the end, his willingness to sign this bill shows how pathetic he is."


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