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Sununu's "bad leadership" on rail too little, too late for NH to make Amazon shortlist

Concord, N.H. - Yesterday, Governor Sununu reversed his position on studying commuter rail in New Hampshire, citing Amazon to explain his sudden change. Not even 24 hours later, Amazon announced the 20 finalists for the location of the company's new headquarters. New Hampshire was not on Amazon's list. Sununu voted against commuter rail as an Executive Councilor in 2013, when it would have cost $3.6 million instead of the $4 million he proposed spending on it this week. NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Governor Sununu is constantly talking about growing New Hampshire's economy, but so far he has brought no business to our state. You can now add Amazon to that list. Sununu was elected to the Executive Council eight years ago and was too lazy to actually examine the commuter rail proposal all those years, but in a desperate attempt to get Amazon, he took his first serious look at the proposal and decided to support it at the last possible minute. If he had done this in 2013, he could have saved New Hampshire $400,000 and 5 years, and he would have had something to show Amazon or any other business. Instead, Sununu's economic policy relies mostly on gimmicks, like his '100 businesses in 100 days' initiative, which yielded no results. If the governor actually wanted to make an honest effort at growing our state's economy, he would have invested more in education, put more than $0 in workforce development, and considered a minimum wage hike rather than giving himself a $22,000 raise on his first day."


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