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Republican poll tax bill passes in NH Senate, Sununu still hasn't committed to a veto

Concord, N.H. - Today, the Republican-controlled New Hampshire Senate voted along party lines to pass HB372, the voter suppression legislation that would create a de facto poll tax by redefining residency in the state. Governor Sununu was pressured to oppose the bill after struggling to walk back his widely debunked voter fraud claims from the 2016 election. Sununu did, however, sign voter suppression legislation SB3 into law in July. The NHDP is currently suing the state to undo SB3. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Less than six months after Governor Sununu signed the last voter suppression bill into law, Republicans are at it again. Today, they voted for a bill that would create a de facto poll tax and redefine state residency. Once again, Republicans offered no evidence of voter fraud or rationale for disenfranchising eligible voters, instead relying on voter fraud lies propagated by President Trump and Governor Sununu. Last month, Sununu was backed into opposing HB372, saying he 'hates' the bill that would 'suppress votes,' but he refuses to guarantee a veto it if it lands on his desk. Closed-door meetings suggest Republicans are working on changing Sununu's mind, and this bill's passage shows that Senate Republicans think they can still convince the governor to support it. Rather than advancing their partisan agenda on party-line votes, Sununu and the Republicans would be better off working with Democrats to modernize our election system and protect every eligible voter's right to have their voice heard."


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