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Sununu pressed on Graham-Cassidy support, refuses to denounce Trump ACA sabotage on Morning Edition

Concord, N.H. - Today on NPR's Morning Edition, host Steve Inskeep continued to press Governor Sununu on his support for the failed Graham-Cassidy health care bill that would have kicked 32 million Americans off their insurance. Sununu said Graham-Cassidy was "the closest thing [he's] seen" to a health care solution, highlighting the bill's provisions. Sununu supported the "flexibilities" and the "giant block grant to the states." Sununu has refused to criticize the President for his Affordable Care Act sabotage. Rather than call on his own majority-party's members, his comments after Trump's decision to cancel CSR payments called on the minority-party Congressional delegation to take action, which they're already doing. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Governor Sununu's doublespeak on Trumpcare continues to confuse interviewers. The truth is, Sununu enthusiastically supports all of the Trumpcare provisions while opposing the political blowback that comes with backing these destructive bills. It is not possible to simultaneously support block grants and oppose a bill because of the money it takes away from states. It is hypocritical to claim he is protecting care while praising the 'flexibility' for states to opt out of essential health benefits. Rather than push the all-Democratic Congressional delegation to do something they're already doing, Sununu should put pressure on the President and members of his own majority party for once to get something done for Granite Staters, and advocate for his Attorney General to join the suit against the administration to protect CSRs. It's time for Sununu to stop posturing and put his money where his mouth is." Block grants Governor Sununu has long supported block granting Medicaid. Sununu's criticism of the bill was that it would have lost New Hampshire billions of dollars, but the losses New Hampshire would face are precisely because of the "giant block grants" Sununu supports. Does Sununu support the block grants in Graham-Cassidy OR does he oppose the loss in funding the bill would force New Hampshire to face? It can't be both. "Flexibilities" Governor Sununu talks excitedly about the "flexibilities" Graham-Cassidy provided. Back in May, Sununu expanded on what he means by these "flexibilities" on NHPR: "We have to make sure the states themselves can create those flexibilities, so when we look at thing like substance use disorder, mental health, women's health care, things like that, we have to make sure the states are really in control." Here, Sununu is supporting states' ability to opt out of covering essential health benefits. Does Sununu want to protect Granite Staters or does he want flexibilities for states to opt out of essential health benefits? It can't be both.


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