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BREAKING: St. Clair wins Belknap 9 special election in red-to-blue flip

Bristol, N.H. - Tonight, Charlie St. Clair won the state representative seat in the Belknap County District 9 special election 1,267-1,009 (56%-44%), defeating challenger Stephen Whalley. Belknap County District 9 has 12 percent more Republican registered voters than Democrats. President Trump won the district by 17 points.

"This victory shows once again that Democrats can compete in any district in 2018," said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. "Thanks to Representative-elect St. Clair's hard work, positive message, and record of community involvement, Democrats are four of five in special elections this year, flipping seats in heavily Republican districts. Voters are rejecting the Trump-Sununu agenda every chance they get, choosing results and hope over nonsense and negativity. St. Clair will be a great addition to the legislature, fighting for all Granite Staters."

"We're proud to welcome Representative-elect St. Clair to the legislature," said House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff. "Democrats are taking back red seats across the state by standing up for our values, offering a positive message, and being willing to work across the aisle. Belknap District 9 has elected a stellar public servant in Charlie St. Clair." New Hampshire Democrats have flipped three seats from red to blue in special elections this year. In July, Kevin Cavanaugh won by 11 points against virtual-incumbent David Boutin. Cavanaugh became the first Democrat in New Hampshire to win a special election state Senate seat since 1984. In May, Edie DesMarais won a special election in Wolfeboro, becoming the first Democrat to flip a seat from red to blue since the 2016 election. DesMarais won a +7 Trump/+13 Romney district in Romney's vacation hometown, becoming the first Democrat in over 100 years to represent Wolfeboro.


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