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NHDP Statement: Trump commission request on hold after endangering NH domestic violence victims

Concord, N.H. - Today, New Hampshire put Trump's sham Commission on Election Integrity request on hold after it was discovered that non-public voting information was included in the list the state was preparing to send over. Many of these non-public voters are domestic violence victims whose information is kept private for the sake of protection. The Trump commission request was already taken down a peg by the Hillsborough Superior Court, which told the state it could only provide scanned copies of public voter information rather than a digital checklist. New Hampshire plays host to the Election Integrity Commission on September 12th. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "New Hampshire's Live Free or Die spirit puts a high value on privacy. Today, we learned that New Hampshire's attempt to comply with Trump's sham Election Integrity Commission request interfered with the most sacred privacy imaginable. And for what? To soothe Trump's fragile ego and manufacture proof of Trump's voter fraud conspiracy theories? Domestic violence victims deserve to have their vote protected and non-public. This was never a consideration for Governor Sununu when he went on TV to say 'comply' with the commission or you're 'playing politics,' nor did he consider the questionable legality of handing over the information in the first place. This kind of unthinking snafu is why states default to protecting their voters' information. We can't trust this info with a leak-happy White House who has proven they're not even capable of keeping code word secrets. This should be a moment of reckoning: New Hampshire must stand up to this sham Election Integrity Commission along with the vast majority of states around the country."


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