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WATCH: Rick Scott Tells CPAC Audience to Call Chris Sununu and Tell Him to Run for Senate

SCOTT: “Call Chris Sununu, the Governor of New Hampshire to make sure you want him to run for Senate.” It’s the Latest Example of Mitch McConnell’s Allies “Full-Court Press” of Sununu

Senate Republicans just won’t stop begging Chris Sununu to run for US Senate because he'll be a rubber stamp for their agenda in Washington. During the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Sunday, Senator Rick Scott - the Chair of Mitch McConnell’s campaign arm - told members of the audience to “Call Chris Sununu, the Governor of New Hampshire to make sure you want him to run for Senate.” Watch here. This is Scott’s latest appeal to get Sununu to run for Senate. Scott “flew to meet personally with Sununu this spring,” just after Sununu told Jack Heath in December that taking meetings with national Republicans about a Senate race amid the crises facing the state is “a disqualifier for the job, to be very blunt about it.” Scott, along with Mitch McConnell and Fox News host Sean Hannity are among a handful of out-of-state right-wing extremists to beg Sununu to jump into the race. In May, during a Fox News town hall in Nashville with other right-wing Governors, Sean Hannity fawned over Sununu, repeatedly calling him “Senator” and claiming that they had an “inside joke” that appeared to be about Sununu running for US Senate. Rick Scott, Mitch McConnell and other out-of-state Republicans have gone all-in on pressing Sununu to run because they know he would vote with their corporate special interest allies and their legislative priorities. On issues from gutting protections for pre-existing conditions to defunding Planned Parenthood, Sununu has a long record of publicly supporting the McConnell agenda — even when it hurts New Hampshire.



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