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Talking Points: PragerU


Recent reporting reveals that Republican New Hampshire Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut — who has expressed serious interest in running for New Hampshire Governor in 2024 — is allowing a vote later today to decide whether content from PragerU, a far-right and non-accredited political organization, will be part of New Hampshire high school graduation requirements. The organization is notorious for misleading views on subjects like climate change, racism, slavery, and anti-LGBTQ stances. Such a proposal threatens the unbiased education of New Hampshire students. Talking Points:

  • Frank Edelblut's consideration of PragerU's involvement in New Hampshire classrooms represents an alarming disregard for unbiased education.

  • We must maintain the integrity of New Hampshire's schools and call on Republican candidates for Governor and Chris Sununu to reject this proposal and protect New Hampshire schools and New Hampshire children.

  • Prominent education advocates, political figures and news outlets have recognized PragerU's controversial content, calling attention to misleading interpretations of significant historical and social topics.

  • PragerU is not an accredited educational institution but an overtly biased political organization known for views that undermine factual historical and scientific understanding.

  • The potential inclusion of PragerU content in our schools threatens to politicize the learning environment for New Hampshire children, undermining the values of critical thinking and intellectual growth.

Example Social Media Posts:

  • Frank Edelblut's consideration of PragerU for NH schools is an affront to unbiased education. We must protect the integrity of our classrooms from toxic political influences #NHPolitics

  • Let's protect New Hampshire's reputation for quality education by keeping partisan politics out of our classrooms. Say NO to PragerU in our schools #NHPolitics

  • The potential inclusion of PragerU in NH schools threatens our children's education and future. Stand with us in rejecting this dangerous proposal #NHPolitics

  • We must not let biased political organizations infiltrate NH classrooms. Our children deserve unbiased, factual education, not far-right indoctrination #NHPolitics

Letter of the Editor:

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