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Sununu Wants You To Know He’s Not a Moderate

CONCORD, NH — Today, Chris Sununu joined POLITICO’s “The Fifty: America’s Governors” where he pushed back on claims that his potential 2024 Republican presidential opponents are “more conservative” than him and that he’s “more moderate.” He stated that he “would challenge anyone on second amendment rights, we’re far and away the best” and touted his ranking as the most fiscally conservative governor in the country.

Sununu is right — he’s no moderate. The very first bill Sununu signed into law as governor was anti-gun safety legislation that the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police called “dangerous.” He has vetoed three separate pieces of gun safety legislation and signed legislation that repealed licensing requirements on carrying a concealed firearm. Last year, Sununu signed a bill blocking any federal law or executive order regarding gun safety in New Hampshire.

After the tragic mass shooting in Uvalde, where 19 children and two teachers were murdered by a gunman, Sununu said that we "aren’t looking to make any changes in firearms policy."

This is on top of Sununu’s anti-choice ideals, where he has repeatedly touted that he’s the “first governor in 40 years to sign an abortion ban.

In response to his comments this morning, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Chris Sununu said the quiet part out loud. We know he’s not a moderate — that’s just the role he plays every other November. From signing the first abortion ban in modern New Hampshire history, to radically defunding our public schools, to his abysmal record on gun safety, the idea that Sununu has ever been moderate is laughable. The NH GOP has aligned themselves with the furthest right candidates they can find, and Sununu will be no different. Just like the rest of them, he’ll get squashed next November — if not even sooner.”


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