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Sununu Jets Off Again, Leaving Granite Staters in His Dust

CONCORD, NH — Following last night’s New England College debate, where Governor Chris Sununu spent the night running from his record of signing an abortion ban, causing energy prices to skyrocket, and squandering tens of millions of dollars in federal rental assistance funding, Sununu has jetted out of the Granite State to build his national profile yet again.

He’s headed out of state — this time to Houston — instead of fixing the problems facing the state for which he’s responsible.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Chris Sununu has never put Granite Staters above his political aspirations, so why would he start just days before an election? He’s shown time and time again that he will gladly throw New Hampshire citizens under the bus in an effort to build his national profile.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tom Sherman is focused on earning the vote of the people of New Hampshire, protecting their right to choose, and getting more money back in their pockets. Chris Sununu is only focused on Chris Sununu.”


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