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Sununu Desperately Tries to Run From His Record of Benefiting From Mitch McConnell’s Dark Money

McConnell-aligned dark money groups have already spent over $2 million to pave the way for Sununu's Senate bid

CONCORD -- In his continuing effort to run from his record of supporting and benefiting from dark money -- and opposing reforms to reduce billionaires’ influence over elections -- Chris Sununu today made partisan attacks against Senator Maggie Hassan on Good Morning NH with Jack Heath. Sununu’s record includes

opposing federal campaign finance reform, all the while benefiting from the millions of dollars Mitch McConnell’s dark money groups have spent to pave the way for his Senate bid.

“Mitch McConnell’s dark money groups are already spending millions of dollars on ads attacking Senator Hassan with the hopes of buying Chris Sununu a Senate seat -- and Mitch McConnell another vote for his agenda,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “In Concord, Sununu has repeatedly demonstrated that he puts out-of-state special interests ahead of New Hampshire, and he will do the same in Washington, voting lockstep with Mitch McConnell’s agenda to give more power to dark money groups, billionaires, and special interests at the expense of Granite Staters and our democracy.”


Mitch McConnell’s Dark Money Groups Have Spent $2 Million on Ads That Pave the Way for Sununu’s Senate Campaign. [FCC Public Inspection Files, accessed 10/12/21; Facebook Ads Library, accessed 10/12/21; Google Ads Library, accessed 10/12/21]

Chris Sununu Vetoed Campaign Finance Reform Legislation That Would Have Ended the Influence of Dark Money in New Hampshire Elections. As governor, Sununu vetoed a bill that would have closed the LLC loophole and stopped wealthy individuals from skirting campaign finance law. [WMUR,

Chris Sununu’s Gubernatorial Campaigns Have Been Fueled By Dark Money Groups and Special Interests. According to NHPR, Sununu’s gubernatorial campaigns “have long been fueled by contributions from an array of corporate entities” including fossil fuel corporations, insurance companies, and conservative LLCs. [NHPR,

Chris Sununu Vetoed Bipartisan Legislation to Create an Independent Redistricting Commission to Prevent Gerrymandering. “New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican, vetoed a bipartisan bill Friday that would have created an independent redistricting commission to draw the state's voting maps.” [NBC,

Chris Sununu Opposes H.R. 1, Which Would Restrict The Use of LLCs to Fund Federal Campaigns But Has Exploited LLC Loopholes. Sununu exploited a loophole that allowed him to use shell company LLCs to accept campaign cash above legal limits from his donors. H.R. 1 would restrict the ability to use LLCs to fund federal campaign activity. [NHPR,

Chris Sununu Opposes H.R. 1, Which Would Impose New Restrictions on Federal Lobbyists -- Like His Father and Brother. Both Sununu’s father and brother have worked as federal lobbyists, and as an Executive Councilor, Sununu voted to give state contracts to his family’s pharmaceutical lobbying client. H.R. 1 would impose new restrictions and disclosure requirements on federal lobbyists. [Concord Monitor, 10/19/2016]


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