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Sununu Defends Abortion Ban and Unlivable Minimum Wage in Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce Debate

NASHUA, NH — During this morning’s Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce debate, Chris Sununu yet again showed Granite Staters the depth of his failure as governor.

On top of touting the budget he signed last June, which included a harmful voucher scheme, tax cuts for millionaires, and New Hampshire’s first abortion ban in modern history, he doubled down on his opposition to raising the minimum wage in New Hampshire,

saying — “Who is making minimum wage? Very few people are making minimum wage.”

When asked about New Hampshire’s severe affordable housing and energy price crises, and what his plan is to alleviate them, Sununu said… nothing. He has no plan to fix the disasters he caused, and he made that clear.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

"Granite Staters are being crushed by the skyrocketing energy costs that Sununu is responsible for, yet he made clear he doesn’t think they deserve to make a livable wage. Just like he doesn’t think women should be allowed to make their own medical decisions, Sununu doesn’t think our workforce deserves more than $7.25/hr or an affordable home. It’s despicable.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tom Sherman has a plan to lower costs for Granite State families and clean up the mess that three terms of Sununu has caused. In three weeks, we need to elect Tom Sherman.”


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