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STATEMENT: Republican Establishment Goes Into Full Desperation Mode to Save Chuck Morse’s Campaign

Governor Chris Sununu today is endorsing U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Morse, in what is the latest sign that the Republican establishment has gone into full desperation mode to save Morse’s failing campaign.

“Establishment Republicans from Mitch McConnell to Chris Sununu are willing to do anything to drag Morse over the finish line of the Republican Senate primary because Morse has failed in every sense of the word to run an effective campaign,” said NHDP spokesperson Gates MacPherson. “Chuck Morse’s campaign is failing, and the Republican establishment is panicking.”

The irony is that Sununu’s endorsement will almost certainly further divisions within the New Hampshire Republican Party, but it might not even be enough to help Morse win the primary. The UNH survey center found that 59 percent of Republican voters said that Sununu’s endorsement in the primary will have no effect on their vote or will make them less likely to vote for the candidate he endorses. Another 20 percent were unsure.

Sununu is the latest GOP insider to try to flock to Morse’s rescue. Last week, a Mitch McConnell-aligned PAC dropped almost $5 million on ads backing Morse and attacking his primary opponent Don Bolduc.


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