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SHOT / CHASER: Sununu Says Vaccine Rollout Isn’t About Giving Credit, Then Asks for Credit

SHOT: On NHPR’s The Exchange, Governor Chris Sununu said “I don't think it's about giving anyone overly credit,” when talking about the increase in vaccines from the Biden administration that has allowed New Hampshire to move up Granite Staters -- including teachers -- in the vaccine rollout.


But Sununu shouldn’t worry. Not too many people are thanking him for his response to COVID and schools. In fact, lots of people were unhappy with the fact that he moved ski patrol members -- even out-of-staters and volunteers -- into the first group for vaccinations -- and downgraded the priority of teachers despite nearly every other state choosing to vaccinate teachers in Phase 1. A petition on by Jamie White, a mom of two young children has more than 12,900 signatures and says vaccinating teachers should have been a priority for Sununu. Another petition by educator Ellen Grudzien called for teachers to be moved to Phase 1b collected more than 10,400 signatures, and a petition started by Sean Parr, a Manchester parent and member of the Smyth Road School Parent Teacher Organization made the same call to action and collected more than 1,300 signatures. Students have also slammed Sununu for his response to COVID-19 and for his proposed budget that cuts funding for public schools.

Here are some more examples of Granite Staters who have slammed Sununu over his handling of COVID-19 that prevented schools from safely opening up sooner:


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