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Shot/Chaser: Sununu Admits that Trump-McConnell Tax Scheme He Proudly Supported is Bad for N.H.

Yesterday, Chris Sununu finally admitted that the Trump-McConnell tax scheme he publicly championed for years is hurting Granite Staters. Sununu was forced to acknowledge that the Trump-McConnell tax scheme he forcefully advocated for is making it more difficult for the state to upgrade its water and sewer systems. In 2017, Chris Sununu strongly supported the Trump-McConnell tax scheme, praising it while meeting with Republican leaders in Washington that year, and later calling the bill “phenomenal.” Sununu even issued an official statement that year where he compared the scheme to his own in New Hampshire, saying “this is the approach we have long taken at the state level, and it is long overdue at the federal level.” “This is way too little, way too late from the Governor. Sununu should have stood up for Granite Staters when it mattered, instead of playing a role in helping get Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell’s tax scheme passed,” said NHDP spokesperson Gates MacPherson. “When it matters, Sununu sides with McConnell, and against New Hampshire.” SHOT: 2021: Sununu Admits Trump-McConnell Tax Scheme Is Hurting New Hampshire. [Center Square, 7/21/21] CHASER: 2017: Sununu Called President The Trump-McConnell Tax Bill “Phenomenal.” [WCAX, 10/9/17]

● HEADLINE: “Sununu Calls Trump Tax Plan A Win For Americans” [WCAX, 10/9/17]

● HEADLINE: “Gov. Sununu Meets With Pence, Praises Senate Tax Plan” [New Hampshire Public Radio, 11/29/17]

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