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ROUNDUP: Sununu’s Anti-Choice Extremist Tour

In case you missed it, Governor Sununu has been touring New England to campaign for a variety of anti-choice Republicans running for governor.

Though he claims to be “solely focused” on New Hampshire, Sununu has still refused to take action to protect reproductive health care in the state, and instead solely focused on building his national profile in states across New England, which all have abortion rights enshrined into their state law.

  • One issue that could present itself as a roadblock to Sununu if he eventually decides to seek his party’s presidential nomination is abortion.

  • Sununu’s Democratic gubernatorial challenger, state Sen. Tom Sherman, charged that "we have a governor that women can’t trust."

  • Sherman pointed to the governor’s recent resistance to a request by Democratic state lawmakers to call a special legislative session to enshrine abortion rights in New Hampshire law.

  • Pro-choice governors do not sign abortion bans, and they certainly do not campaign with anti-choice extremists like Paul LePage. Sununu has never been and will never be pro-choice. He is pro building his national profile, and that’s it," argued New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesperson Monica Venzke.

  • Gov. Chris Sununu often emphasizes that when it comes to politics and policy, he’s laser-focused on the Granite State. “I’m very selfish about the people of New Hampshire in the 603. And that’s where 100% of my focus is,” he said in an interview with the Monitor earlier this week.

  • Well, maybe not 100%.

  • The New Hampshire Democratic Party took aim at Sununu’s campaign efforts, particularly alongside LePage…

  • Sununu’s travels outside of New Hampshire have fueled some speculation that he might have national ambitions and may be mulling a run for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.


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