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Ron DeSantis’ No Good, Very Bad Holiday Weekend

CONCORD, NH — You know Ron DeSantis has been in New Hampshire when you see embarrassing headlines about him back to back. As usual, we have the highlights from this week.

DeSantis’ anti-abortion, anti-working family, and anti-freedom agenda is wildly unpopular in New Hampshire, and after a string of brutal headlines and tanking polling numbers, his extreme positions are catching up with him.

Here are the embarrassing stories about Ron DeSantis from the past few days:

The Messenger: DeSantis’ July 4th: Soaking Wet and Sagging in the Polls

  • Since announcing his candidacy in May, DeSantis’ poll numbers in New Hampshire have dropped by almost 10 points. In the most recent poll of New Hampshire voters conducted by Saint Anslem College, 19% of voters said they would support him.

  • Members of the media followed DeSantis along the route, but he was not taking questions. “Governor, Would you veto a national abortion ban?” The Messenger asked. DeSantis turned his head and an organizer said, “We’re not doing any questions right now.”

The Guardian: DeSantis’s stalling campaign: how to lose friends and alienate people

  • By almost every measure, the rightwinger has had another lackluster week on the campaign trail, with “clumsy” missteps in New Hampshire, Texas, California and New York. Now, barely one month after his glitch-ridden launch on Twitter, DeSantis finds himself sinking in the polls, closer to the large field of optimists below him than the twice-indicted, twice-impeached former president who retains a stranglehold over the Republican party.

  • But it is clear that many of DeSantis’s wounds are self-inflicted. In New Hampshire on Tuesday, he angered grassroots Republican women by scheduling a campaign event clashing with Trump’s appearance at their flagship lunch, a “stupid” and “rookie” mistake in the eyes of Republican strategists.

  • The DeSantis campaign continues to project an air of confidence. “This is a marathon, not a sprint,” he told reporters in Texas, according to NBC, after the network’s poll showed him with only 22% support from Republican primary voters, down from 31% in April.

WFLA: To stop decline, pull DeSantis off trail, political analyst says

  • It’s the final Fourth of July before the primary season, and to mark the occasion, Gov. Ron DeSantis hit the campaign trail for two parades in New Hampshire. One political expert told WFLA investigator Mahsa Saeidi, the governor is marching for his political life.

  • Tara Newsom is a political analyst. She said DeSantis is not connecting with voters. “It looks like voters are starting to really get to know him and the more they get to know him, his narrative is a lot different than the man,” Newsom said.

  • FiveThirtyEight is a website that analyzes and averages polling data. According to its tracker, nationally, former President Trump is leading DeSantis by nearly 30 percentage points — about 51% to 23%.

  • Let’s look at a recent poll from New Hampshire: According to St. Anselm College Survey Center poll, Trump is leading DeSantis by the same large margin. Trump led 47% to DeSantis’ 19%.

Politico: ‘We are way behind’: Top DeSantis PAC official sounds alarm

  • “Right now in national polling we are way behind, I’ll be the first to admit that,” Cortes said in a Twitter spaces event that was recorded on Sunday night.

  • Calling the DeSantis campaign the “clear underdog,” he added: “In the first four states which matter tremendously, polls are a lot tighter, we are still clearly down. We’re down double digits, we have work to do.”


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