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Rick Scott Brags That After Months of Enticement, Sununu Is Going to Run for Senate

Senator Rick Scott — Mitch McConnell’s top crony — was back in New Hampshire this weekend and bragged that Sununu will run for Senate after months of Scott enticing him to run on Mitch McConnell’s toxic agenda. In an interview with Fox News' Paul Steinhauser, Scott said he was confident that “Chris is going to run,” and said that he would do his best to get Sununu into the race. This comes just days after Scott did an interview with Jack Heath where he repeatedly praised Sununu and said he expects that Sununu will run for U.S. Senate. Scott also said that he and Sununu “have the same view” about going to Washington to push Mitch McConnell’s toxic agenda that includes cutting Social Security and Medicare, banning abortion, and opposing stimulus checks and tax cuts for New Hampshire families. This interview is the latest confirmation that McConnell’s “full-court press” to get Sununu to run for Senate is working. For months, McConnell surrogates like Scott have urged Sununu to run at everything from the CPAC event in Dallas to right-wing podcasts hosted by McConnell’s highly paid consultants.



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