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REMINDER: Nikki Haley Wants To Gut Granite Staters’ Social Security

CONCORD, NH — Nikki Haley is back in New Hampshire, spinning her extreme agenda to gut Social Security, a program that hundreds of thousands of seniors and their families rely on here. Haley might not realize how deeply unpopular her plans are, but Granite Staters do — and that’s one of the many reasons why they’ll reject her this year.

Here’s a look at Nikki Haley’s record:

  • Haley has tripled down on calls to cut Social Security and Medicare on the campaign trail, following her old boss Donald Trump’s lead.

  • As South Carolina governor, Haley pushed to put Medicare and Social Security programs on the chopping block in South Carolina.

  • Haley’s attacks on affordable health care don’t stop there, either:

  • In New Hampshire, Haley opened the door to repealing the Affordable Care Act, doubling down on the MAGA agenda to endanger health care access for tens of thousands of Granite Staters. 

  • Haley repeatedly railed against the ACA throughout her governorship, even calling to “defund” the program.

  • She praised Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare as we know it as “common sense.”

  • Haley refused to expand Medicaid under the ACA, leaving her own constituents uninsured and forced to pay exorbitant health care costs. 

  • Here’s what Haley herself has proudly said about her anti-ACA record: “We have fought Obamacare in South Carolina as much as we possibly could. We said no to the state exchanges. We said no to the Medicaid expansion.”


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