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RELEASE: Sununu “Would Be A No” for Stimulus Checks, Property Tax Relief for Granite Staters

Concord, N.H. -- Last week Democrats in Congress passed the American Rescue Plan, which will provide billions of dollars in federal relief for New Hampshire, including new funding for direct payments to individuals and dependents, property tax relief, and billions for state and local government aid. The American Rescue Plan includes $1,400 in direct payments to individuals and dependents, bringing nearly $1.5 billion into the Granite State and $350 billion in state and local government aid that can be used to offset revenue losses and help hold down property taxes, including roughly $1.5 billion in aid for New Hampshire. But last month, Chris Sununu made clear that if he was in the Senate, he “would be a no vote” and would have sided with the Kochs and Washington Republicans to block this much-needed relief for New Hampshire. Sununu also recently proposed a budget that downshifts costs onto property taxpayers. “While our federal delegation helped pass the American Rescue Plan that will provide Granite Staters with much-needed financial assistance and federal aid to hold down property taxes, Governor Sununu not only said he would vote against this financial relief for Granite Staters, but he also proposed a budget that will actually increase property taxes,” said Representative Mary Jane Wallner. “Granite Staters need financial relief now. I’m grateful to our federal delegation for getting this passed for New Hampshire.”



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