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RELEASE: Sununu’s Failed COVID Vaccine Rollout Leaves the North Country Behind

Concord, N.H. -- Governor Chris Sununu’s failed COVID vaccine rollout has left North Country residents behind, with many people forced to travel long distances to get the vaccine and, appointments canceled -- on top of the problems facing the rest of the state, including an inability to get a timely appointment for the second dose. Last week the Caledonian Record reported that people who registered to get their COVID vaccine at Littleton or Woodsville had their appointments canceled abruptly. In Littleton, 1,600 vulnerable Granite Staters were pushed to the back of the line after their appointments at Littleton Regional Hospital were canceled “without explanation.” When Granite Staters went to reschedule their appointments in VAMS, there were no appointments within 100 miles, causing more frustration and confusion for those trying to receive their vaccine. The issues people in the North Country are experiencing with VAMS were predicted by immunization and public health leaders in October, who issued warnings about using the program. However, Governor Sununu ignored those warnings and instead was one of only nine governors to sign up for the Trump administration’s failed vaccine registration program. People in the North Country feel frustrated as “New Hampshire doggedly hangs on despite VAMS problems felt in our area.” “From the very beginning of the COVID pandemic, Governor Sununu has left the North Country behind and we’re seeing this now more than ever with his failed vaccine rollout,” said former State Representative Sue Ford. “We need the Governor to step up and fix the issues people are facing right now. Granite Staters should not have to wait longer for the COVID vaccine because of Governor Sununu’s failure to ensure the vaccine is effectively administered.”



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