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RELEASE: NHDP Statement on Dangerous Anti-Choice Bills

Concord, N.H. - This week, Republicans put forward six bills that attack access to sexual and reproductive health care. In response to the recent anti-choice legislation put forward by Republicans, New Hampshire Democratic Party Executive Director Amy Kennedy released the following statement:

“It is shameful that in the middle of this global pandemic, Republicans are pushing dangerous anti-choice bills. Instead of addressing the pandemic and providing relief to Granite Staters, they are threatening the future of reproductive rights in New Hampshire. Nobody wants this. The Republicans are showing a pattern of restricting crucial health care from people who need it most, and it’s morally bankrupt.

“But these kinds of anti-choice bills are nothing new -- in fact, they are an essential part of the Republican agenda that Chris Sununu supports. Let’s not forget that Sununu voted to defund Planned Parenthood, nominated an anti-choice judge to the state Supreme Court, and used taxpayer dollars to support an anti-choice organization. Chris Sununu knows that these bills will have devastating impacts on our access to reproductive health care in New Hampshire, and he is standing by while members of his party that he campaigned for push them through anyways.

“Despite Republicans’ attacks on our access to reproductive health care, we will continue the fight for reproductive justice in New Hampshire. On behalf of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the women, activists, and health care providers who have testified in opposition to this legislation. We’re so grateful for your voices and you have our full support.”



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